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July 2017
Through funding from ESF we have delivered an employability course to prepare young people and young mums for the world of work
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June 2017
The kids that come to our youth club worked hard to create a video that portrays what they think about Centre 63. We are totally blow away by it, what do you think? Click below to watch.  
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March 2017
Starting March 30th the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Liverpool are joining our Youth Club to perform a series of interactive workshops right here at Centre 63! Kids can perform real experiments with real scientists! Completely free! It's free to join our Youth Club and free food is provided for your child. Ages 8-12: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Ages 13-17 6:45pm - 20:30pm  
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Our Funders and Supporters:
The Rank FoundationJMFHenry Smith Charity
supporting peopleThe big Deal
J Paul GettyCatch 22
comic reliefChildren in Need

Acting Sound is a music and multi-media project run by Centre 63 and funded by B.B.C Children in Need. The project aims to introduce young people to music, media and the creative arts before helping them to pursue their interests by providing free access to resources, spaces, lessons and workshops. This is done in the hope that young people’s frame of reference will expand regarding usage of free time and future career options. The project also aims to promote social mixing, encouraging young people from different ‘sub-cultures’ to experience each other in a friendly supervised environment where assumptions about each other can be  tested for accuracy with the aim of promoting a more harmonious local community.

The project was given the target of working with Two Hundred and Forty young people over the three years for which it has been initially funded. It has surpassed this target working with nearly six hundred individuals from the ages of 8 to 25 since it began just under two years ago. This work has yielded recorded outcomes (observable improvement, development or progress) for Eighty young people who have been in attendance.

The projects staff are supported by a committed team of volunteers who are all young people themselves from the local community many of whom posses advanced skills and knowledge regarding music, multi-media and creative pursuits. These volunteers lead their own workshops and are rewarded through being offered training negotiated with each volunteer, to enable them to grow in confidence and employability as they support the project.

Youth Club

Youth club continues to run alongside Acting sound. Working with young people aged 8 - 25 yrs old.

This year we continued our success in the MYA pool tournament with Luke Duffy and Emily Blackhurst qualifying for Clubs for young people northern counties pool tournament. They continued their success qualifying for the U.K pool championships where Emily Blackhurst came second in here age group. We continued to offer a good variety of activities for young people throughout the year.

Key Stories

Acting Sound aims (among other things) to empower young people to take charge of their own learning with the basic skills they accumulate from our workshops. We teach young people how to teach themselves and provide the resources for them to do so.

One example of how this is done is young people may be taught how to read guitar chord charts then shown how to utilise this knowledge along with the internet (through you tube tutorials and song chords posted on various sites) to be able to learn songs of their own choosing at their own pace. An example of the independent spirit the project tries to cultivate is a young dance group.

After the loss of a volunteer dance teacher (due to other life commitments) a group of young women have decided to explore movement independently by observing moves undertaken by some of their idols/ other professionals and replicating them or inventing their own moves.

From this young women performed an entire routine, self choreographed to staff and are due to deliver their own workshop in a local primary school using this routine and the moves it contains.