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Y.E.S. Project Pampers Tired Families Over Holiday Period

6th March 2017

The Christmas period can be a stressful and trying time for the average family, but the impact if felt hardest on those that have difficulty making ends meet.  

Our Y.E.S. Project ran a lovely Christmas pamper day on December 19th, treating the struggling families that they support to free hair and beauty sessions, as well as giving them access to essential goods during what is often the most expensive time of year. 

The day was well attended by the mums and children of 13 families. Some of the ladies attending commented were very appreciative of the services offered, calling it 'a day they wouldn't soon forget'.

The Y.E.S. Project offers valuable information and advice to often the most vulnerable young people within the community (aged 16-25) on many issues such as housing, welfare benefits, and debt advice.

If the Y.E.S. Project could help you, contact Ann Brown at:
E-mail: ann.brown@centre63.co.uk
Telephone: 0151 549 1494

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