Y.E.S. Project Case Files

Y.E.S. Project Case Files - Feedback from some of our clients

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July 2017
Through funding from ESF we have delivered an employability course to prepare young people and young mums for the world of work
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June 2017
The kids that come to our youth club worked hard to create a video that portrays what they think about Centre 63. We are totally blow away by it, what do you think? Click below to watch.  
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March 2017
Starting March 30th the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Liverpool are joining our Youth Club to perform a series of interactive workshops right here at Centre 63! Kids can perform real experiments with real scientists! Completely free! It's free to join our Youth Club and free food is provided for your child. Ages 8-12: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Ages 13-17 6:45pm - 20:30pm  
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Client A

I was referred to the Y.E.S. Project because I was struggling with my finances and had fallen into arrears with my rent. I suffer with depression and anxiety so therefore I don't like going into public places or offices. I found Centre 63 really easy to access as it is in a community centre and the project did not have big signs saying "Debt Advice".

I found the staff to be very patient and understanding of my situation and also of my health issues. They helped me to take control of my finances and together we went through all of my letters as there was a lot of unopened mail that needed dealing with. It took many visits for all of my debt issues to be resolved. My rent arrears are in hand and through the support, a big chunk has been paid by housing benefits. I have a new bank account, and my payment plans for bills have been put on an easy-to-follow calendar so I know when to pay. My benefits are back in place and a new date is set for my medical assessment as I missed the last one. I have arrears with my water so the Centre applied to United Utility Trust Fund to help me; I am still waiting to hear back but hopefully it will be successful and so I can restart my payments, and keep to them. Also, through the Money & Debt Advice service support, I now have a Tenancy Support Worker who comes out to see me once a fortnight to help me with my tenancy. She also keeps an eye on my budgeting and prompts me to pay things, as I know I can be a bit chaotic and forgetful. I would definitely refer my friends to Centre 63, as they are so friendly, and don't judge anyone.

Client B

I came to Centre 63 Money & Debt Advice service as I had come out of work and had fallen into rent arrears and couldn't afford the top up on my rent, council tax arrears and other debts. I just couldn't see a way out, and had no family to turn to for help.

Straight away, the support team looked at the debts that needed dealing with immediately. Since my employment was only part time, there were unclaimed housing benefits that I was entitled to. After producing wage slips of my earnings and a discretionary housing benefit form was submitted, my housing benefit was recalculated, reducing my rent arrears by half. I then set up a pay plan with my landlord to pay the remaining arrears, and support was then given to find an affordable, private tenancy. Over the past month, I have been attending Centre 63's Money & Debt Advice service and I can honestly say that they have helped me to get back on track. I have just moved into a smaller house, and the Centre arranged for direct payments to my landlord, and had payment plans set up for all of my utility bills. I feel much happier and more confident in myself, and I have also been attending Centre 63's Job Club. I have qualifications in beauty therapy, so with the support I have applied to the Chamber of Commerce for support to set up my own business. I have created a business plan and am waiting for approval. I would never have been able to do any of this if I hadn't gone to Centre 63's Money & Debt Advice service. They have helped me to believe in myself and to manage my finances. I am truly grateful for their support, and I think that they are brilliant. Thank you so much!

Client C

My health visitor referred me to Centre 63's Money & Debt Advice service as I was in a substantial amount of debt which was increasing by the week. I have five children and have been affected by the benefit cap, therefore I have less money to live on and receive less housing benefit.

After my first visit to Centre 63, I felt that wheels were already being put into motion to tackle my financial crisis, and a plan was put in place to improve my money problems. We established a plan to secure my tenancy, as I was about to be given an eviction notice. The Centre 63 staff tackled my rent arrears first, and applied for discretionary housing benefit, liaising with the housing rent team to keep them in the loop. I had bought 6 items from Bright House, and my repayments were £90 per week. This was a drain on my finances and had to be dealt with. Ann (Y.E.S. Project Coordinator) contacted the local emergency support team of Knowsley Council, and she helped me put together a supporting letter and application to return the items to Bright House. I couldn't believe how quickly this was dealt with. The emergency support service awarded me 3 single beds, a washing machine, a fridge freezer and a sofa.

Since I'd returned the Bright House items, I saved an extra £90 a week. I received the DHP and all the rent arrears were covered. My eldest son has behaviour problems, so we made a decision that he would be better living with his father. Ann did the new calculations, and now that I will be under the benefit cap, I will receive almost full housing benefit. I have to pay bedroom tax, and a standard order has been set up for this. I also had debt issues with the water. Ann has applied to the United Utilities Trust Fund for assistance, and we are waiting to hear back. Hopefully, I will receive support with my water, and then I am able to set up future water payments and keep on top of everything. My children were on child protection support, and have now been lowered to "children in need" level. I am working with all these services, and Ann has referred me to Homestart, who are going to support me two mornings per week with the children. I can't thank Centre 63 enough for the support I have received. I know I was over their age group, but they agreed to help me and I am so grateful. The support I received was unbelievable and I feel better in myself and feel in control of my money.